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You Mean to Intrude? Be my Guest.

When I sit to write, I’m hardly ever welcomed by a voice rising from the page. My characters haven’t been waiting patiently as dolls shoved in a closet, ready for a girl to come back and make them chat. Instead I’m greeted at my computer with the voices that have been in my head all along. There’s that list of chores, the emails owed, fragments of thoughts from the book I want to write someday but not now. I hear calls about all the other things I should be doing instead of what I planned.

I let these voices in, but not too far. Slamming the door shuts out everyone. The smack of the door is that unpleasant. Chores can be simple: there’s a notepad beside me where I can add to the list of things to get done. Some of those emails do get written. And those voices that tell me I’m off topic, that this scene doesn’t belong? I often put them right on the page. Who do you think you are to write this? You’re going to have to throw out the entire morning’s work. This isn’t pleasant to see, but it’s better than having such thoughts drift between my ears. Giving them their due seems to dim their power. And when the spoil-sporty words come back, sometimes they echo the old ding of a typewriter hitting the end of a line. A simple chime, to which I can say: You’re wrong. And move along.


Exactly my process today!! Those emails are screaming to get written.

I'm adding them to my little yellow pad list. It's time to work now.

I love a little yellow pad to catch those noisy distractions! Hope they quieted down and you found time with you novel, Cindy!
Out of your head and onto the page - that works for me too. I jot down the things that are interrupting my writing train of thought, and they no longer badger me while I'm trying to compose. I never thought of writing down the "spoil-sporty" words. I'm going to give that a try and hopefully it'll work the same way as it does for those pestering chore-voices.
Sometimes those words written down that are so awful inside just make me smile because they look so out of place, and lose some of their power. Good luck, Angela!