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Progressive Poetry

Some of you have played games of starting a story, then letting a friend move it forward, to be picked up and carried on by the next. As part of a celebration of National Poetry Month, lovely Irene Latham has lined up a progressive poem. I’m contributing the third line on this third day of April, so the poem now looks like this:

If you are reading this

you must be hungry

Kick off your silver slippers

Robyn at Read, Write, Howl will follow up on April 4, and to read along, you can check the lineup here:

where you’ll also find a list of other ways to enjoy poetry this month. Including Laura Shovan’s blog, featuring 30 Habits of Highly Effective Poets, where I wrote about that favorite theme, procrastination. Caroline Starr Rose, author of a great verse novel, May B, is celebrating at her blog, too. I’ll be there on April 11, writing about why everyone should read Love that Dog and Hate that Cat by Sharon Creech. 

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