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Snow lightly fell soon after I learned about the death of my friend. I rescued some daffodils, broke some quince branches, which opened for me in warm water.

Peg was a wonderful mom, nursery school teacher, and writer. Here she is with me, Ellen, and Jo (I'm sorry you'll have to click on the picture to see Jo!)  in November, taking a break from scribbling rather furiously on her yellow pad. She asked someone passing by the big wooden table we claimed in Greenfields Market to record the morning. Peg had patted her hair, and commented that being on chemo, she’d decided not to have it permed. “A waste of money, if it’s going to fall out.” She enjoyed her silver curls, but she was practical. She loved to laugh, and she faced facts.

We called her Peg or Peggy, but on her book jackets she was Marguerite W. DavolI love the language in her picture books such as Batwings and the Curtain of Night, the joy of The Paper Dragon, and Black White, Just Right, a sort of love letter to her grandchildren.

Maybe what I most miss and what I’ll always have is the belief we had in each other, which all my good writer friends – many of whom I know here, online -- share. Those car trips, book fair tables, writing dates in Greenfields or Esselon were marked by celebration, complaints, and a little gossip among the work. Most importantly, we knew that whatever we said might be met with a laugh or a hug or concerned look, but always, always with conviction that we’d keep going on.  No matter what, we’d write what we dreamed of writing. What a gift. Thank you, Peg. 


I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend! She sounds like the perfect sort of writing friend ever. {hugs}
Thanks, Rose! We are missing her.
This is the perfect description of Peg, of the type of friendships she fostered. Thank you, Jeannine.

Sending you lots and lots of love.

Sending lots of love back, Jo. Treasuring all the good times we had.
I'm so sorry for your loss. I've read a few posts about Peg, and her spirit--her warmth and sense of humor--shines through in the photos of her and in the memories you've all shared. What a neat lady.
Thanks, Jeni. Everyone should have a friend like Peg.
Yours is another lovely tribute -- thank you, Jeannine...and (((HUGS))) for your loss!
Peg sounds like the perfect writer's friend, and I'm so very sorry for your loss, Jeannine. (That gorgeous bouquet and the accompanying words brought tears...)
Those flowers are keeping me good company. Thanks, Tracy.
I appreciate your hugs!
Sorry to hear about Peg. Beautiful words in tribute here, Jeannine.
Thanks, Jama.
Sending love and hugs, Jeannine. Such a beautiful tribute to Peg and to that "belief we have in each other."
Sending back love, hugs, and great waves of belief.
Sorry for your loss. Hugs.
Thanks, Barbara.
So sorry, Jeannine. <3
Thank you, Jeannine!
I'm so sorry for your loss of your special friend. Thank you for sharing some of your memories of her so we could get a little sense of her specialness. *hugs*
So many memories, but I'm glad just a glimpse could give you a glimpse of Peg's specialness. Thanks for the hugs, Susan.


What a glorious woman, friend, and creative soul she must have been. Sending thoughts and prayers for your loss.

Robyn Hood Black
Thank you!
I remember Peg and her smile fondly from Kindling Words' years on frozen Lake George. Many hugs and sympathies to those who were fortunate enough to know her better.
Yes, you've got to love someone who could leave a very cold room smiling. Thanks, Janni.


Thanks for this

I wouldn't have known she'd died if I hadn't come across this. I remember her from Kindling Words too. What a wonderful person she was to have a conversation with . . . I liked her and I'm so sorry to hear she's no longer here.

Amy Timberlake

Re: Thanks for this

She was indeed wonderful. Thanks for thinking of her, Amy.

Bye, Peg!

I just realized that she's the first one from our Kindling Words family to make it to that grand next adventure. I'll miss her truly. But what a brave, sweet one to send on ahead to test the waters and prepare the garden beds for when the rest of us come. Don't forget to save up wood for a bonfire, Peg. We'll bring the singing. Better yet... we'll start singing for you now.

Re: Bye, Peg!

Thanks for the good singing and sweet-smelling smoke, Alison.