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Mar. 23rd, 2010


Daughters and Dads Reading

A few weeks ago I mentioned here that my daughter had been laid off from her job in public relations. She learned not just from hearsay or newspapers what it’s like to stand among cardboard boxes as people cleared out cubicles, gave each other hugs, and promised to keep in touch. Emily’s wonderful boss kept that promise and helped her land a new job, which she started yesterday. And during her job search, Emily contacted someone at Reach Out and Read Los Angeles. She was told they could barely pay one person, but if she had time to give, please come in and talk.

Apparently the talk lasted four hours. That night, Emily set up a Facebook account for this literacy organization that gets books into the hands of children before they’ve entered school. And two days ago she started a blog where she represents them! In the comments to her first entry, my husband quoted a favorite line from Calvin and Hobbes, collected comics which he read to her when she was about in fourth grade. “BATS AREN’T BUGS!” was yelled by the entire class after shirker Calvin tried to fake his way through an oral report. ‘BATS AREN’T BUGS!” was yelled by father and daughter reading together, and sent them into giggles.

In the next entry, Emily addresses dads and daughters reading, with a link to a touching article in last Sunday’s New York Times. And where can these childhood rituals take you? Maybe to writing a blog. I hope you’ll visit the one Emily is writing for Reach Out and Read and maybe join in the discussion about fathers and children reading, or what makes a good read-aloud book.

You know I couldn’t feel more proud.